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Fast-Track Your Edits: The Future of Video Editing Has Arrived!

Podcast Videos

"Cast Magic on Audios" - Turn your audio podcasts into engaging, visually appealing videos with

Influencer Videos

"Celebrity Style Edits" - Enhance your influencer videos with professional-grade edits and effects, elevating your personal brand.

News Videos

"Turn Headlines into Highlights" - Streamline your news videos with for concise, impactful storytelling.

Explainer Videos

"Simplify Complexity" - Make complex topics easy to understand with's smart editing for explainer videos.

DIY Videos

"Craft with Magic" - Transform your DIY tutorials into crisp, clear, and engaging videos that viewers can easily follow.

Educational Videos

"Teach with Tech" - Improve learning experiences with well-edited educational content. Just upload, and will take care of the rest.

Marketing Videos

"Captivate Customers" - Create compelling marketing videos with, ensuring your products and services stand out.

Event Videos

"Relive the Moments" - Capture the essence of your events with, creating memorable videos that last a lifetime.

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Upload your video, wait for our AI to add b-rolls, and make any desired changes. Check out our latest demo on our YouTube channel.

Our algorithm works the best for talking videos. Types of videos that perform well with include: video podcasts, educational videos, commentary videos, product reviews, motivational speeches, etc. is free to use. If you are a new user, you will enjoy a 30-days free trial, which gives you 10 magic coins video processing time (~5 video clips). Once your free trial ends, you can either upgrade to paid subscription For more, please visit our Pricing Page to learn more about the limits for each tier!

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